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Red Frog Compost Teas - Bring Your Soil to Life!

Red Frog Compost Teas facilities are in the heart of California's Central Coast. Located in San Luis Obispo County all of Red Frogs products are produced in Templeton California and made to the highest standard in the industry. We ship all of our products nation wide and service farmers and gardeners around the world. Red Frog produces the very best Compost Teas along with worm casting, hydroponic and compost tea defusers, along with all natural fertilizers. 


Benefits of Compost Tea

Reduce water use by up to 50%
Increased plant growth
do to improved nutrient retention in the soil 
Increased root mass
Increased plant nutrition by increasing nutrient availability in the root system
Increased biomass and species diversity of soil microbes
Increased soil structure
Improves uptake of nutrients by increasing foliar uptake as beneficial microorganisms
Increase the number of predator organisms
Increased ability for soil to hold nutrients
Increased ability for soil to hold/retain water
Reduces salt accumulation in soils
Increased soil PH buffering through increased microbial diversity
Provides nutrients foliar and soil applications
Reduce or eliminate toxins in your soil

Red Frog soil food web