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Red Frog Compost Teas Bloom Blend

 Premium Blend Bloom Compost Tea is formulated to promote soil health, heavy blooms, large flowers, and fruit in your cannabis, vegetable, orchard or landscape gardens.

Is Made with Red Frog Compost Teas

Premium Blend

High Phosphorous Indonesian Bat Guano, High Phosphorous Seabird Guano, Kelp, Fish Bone Meal, Langbenite, and Amino Acids

At Red Frog we are constantly asked ourselves  "what makes Red Frog Compost Tea so special?" The answer is simple, Red Frog uses Premium Ingredients for Maximum Yields. All our compost tea blends start with our Premium Blend Compost Tea. Our premium blend starts with two types of premium worm castings that are never fed animal by-products. Giving our castings the highest biological content possible. After that we add Alaskan Forest Humus that has naturally composted on the forest floors of Alaska giving it an exceptionally diverse microbial content. Next, we add vegetable compost and composted forest products, further adding to the microbial content of our compost tea. These ingredients are the base of all Red Frog Compost Teas and are what we feel give you the most diverse and microbial compost tea on the market today.

We continue the process; Red Frog adds the highest grade of microbial feeds to insure that our costumers have the most diverse and and highest microbial levels available in their compost tea. 
Red frog adds Demerara Sugar for its high molasses content, Sea-90 for it 
minerals and trace elements, Hydrolyzed Fish for amino acids and pure proteins, Water Soluble Kelp as a high grade bacterial and fungal food, and SP90 Humic Acid as another high grade bacterial and fungal food.