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3 Red Frog 9.5" Aerator/Air Stone/Air Diffuser

$ 33.75
Red Frog Compost Teas 9.5" air diffuser was designed to leave no air dead spots in standard 3.5 to 5 gallon buckets. Red Frog's design insures that your compost tea brewer or deep water culture hydroponic system receives the most air possible and continues to work year after year. Our 6 Pk Red Frog Compost Teas 3.5 to 5 gallon Air Diffusers

Designed for deep water water culture hydroponic systems and compost tea brewing. Our system provides more air than a air  Our aerators work on a simple principle the smaller the pump the larger the bubbles and the larger the pump the finer the bubbles. Red Frog recommends a 951 GPH/60 LPM for compost tea and a 571 GPH/ 36 LPM for deep water culture hydroponics per unit. 

Comes with
3 Red Frog 3.5 to 5 gallon Air Diffuser
1 Coupler fitting for using one inlet (per unit)
1 Set of assembly directions (per unit)
Free Customer Support for Life
Free Shipping!


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