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4 Red Frog 6" Aerator/Air Stone/Air Diffuser

$ 34.00
Red Frog Compost Teas
6" Air Diffuser


Deep Water Culture Air Stones / Air Diffuser / Bubbler Quality Parts & Manufacturing; NO Clog No Dead Spots

A Specially Designed Diffuser Producing MORE AIR and A Longer, More Durable Life Span then the Average Air Stones on the Market Today! Red Frogs Local Retail Hydro and Garden Store Favorite!

Simply the Most Air of any Diffuser on the Market Today!

Designed for deep water water culture hydroponic systems and compost tea brewing. Our system provides more air than a air stones and leaves no dead spots keeping your oxygen even throughout your system and giving you the highest oxygen ppm counts available. Our outer and inner ring design puts out more air than our competitors and gives you the confidence that your providing your plants with the best product on the market. Red Frog recommends using a 7.2 lpm air pump for hydroponic applications and a 45 lpm air pump for Compost Tea Brews.

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